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A little bit of a learning curve figuring out how to get the wires to align on the same side as bulbs to make it look neat, so before you “press” the bulb down make sure your wire is tight and straight first, and on the same side of the bulb as the previous one. Once I got it done, I was so impressed with this set of lights! LOVE the dimmer function. Super excited to use my DIY vanity!

Sydney Carter

Amazing lights! They are very bright, brighter than the LED light I have on my ceiling! I also love that they are adjustable. The brightest setting, I think, is too bright to do your makeup on, but when you dim it, it is perfect! I had to stick them on the glass, so be aware that they look weird on mirror "frame" (like wood for example). They just are not as bright if they are on the mirror frame! Not as helpful as when they are directly on the mirror. They also don't stick well on wood. Definitely meant to be stuck on mirror surface. If you do not have a mirror yet, I recommend getting one WITHOUT borders. I think it would look much better than if your mirror has a frame... More classy! Ordering another one for my mom's room! Love it!

Vanessa Goins

Absolutely love these vanity lights! They stick right onto the mirror and I haven't had any problems with the stickiness, they've stayed on perfectly fine, even with me moving a few of them the first couple of days, they also give you a few extra stickys as well! Brightness is great, not too dark and not too bright! They were pretty easy to assemble and the cord is long enough to plug into my floor and all the way up to my dresser. I love that there's a touch power button, it makes it so easy to turn it on and off and I don't have to bend over or go out of my way to turn the light on or off. I used on the extra stickys to stick the switch right next to my mirror, super handy!

Tiffany Ruiz

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